Sue (in Stobswood)

Sue's garden had become a bit overgrown and she asked me to do a bit of a clearance. There were some shrubs and plants that she wanted to keep, but otherwise the motto was to cut things to ground level or to 'a foot above ground'. After an inauspicious start where I found the 'pond' by putting my left foot into 6 inches of seriously mingy water, the clearance went pretty well.

It's a bit hard to see from the before picture, but I had no idea where the garden ended until I had hacked my way towards the bottom of the garden. Sue also now has a nice new compost heap. I have to say that it does look a bit like the aftermath of a hurricane, but the garden is now manageable at a good point in the year for Sue to be able to get it back into shape for the spring and the new growing season.

"I've got my garden back!"