Gigi (in Whitley Bay)

Gigi asked me to remove a fairly large buddleia bush that was growing in her wall. This meant removing the coping stones and dismantling the wall where the bush and roots had displaced the bricks, and in some cases cracked them apart. The original wall was mortared with lime which meant that it came apart quite easily, and the bricks were simple to clean off. The gate posts were attached to the wall and came away as well which added another item to the job list. This had contributed to the demise of the wall on this side, and the gate closure had knocked the other post well off the vertical.

Rebuilding the part of the wall that had been most damaged by the buddleia meant matching with existing courses. The original bricks were not uniform in size and shape, and I was asked to leave the wall ready for painting by another contractor as part of a bigger job on the front of the house. I've left the buddleia resting on the finished wall to give an idea of the spread of the roots into the structure of the wall.