John (in Morpeth)

John and I had played over 40s football together and he contacted me to ask if I could help him to change the landscape of his large garden in Morpeth. Together, we broke the job into stages, with the first two being to move the patio and build decking in its place. There were a number of challenges with this, as the original patio comprised irregular paving stones, and the ground underneath where the decking was to be built was dolomite stones which are not easy to make post-holes in.

Taking advantage of some relatively benign weather for late November and early December 2013, the patio and deck base were completed, with lines that are sympathetic to the shape and texture of the stone of the house. The decking was finished in March 2014 and a curved path added to create a new feature. Rehabilitation of the lawn has begun with an expectation that this will take a year or two to complete as the lawn is waterlogged in places, with lots of moss and mushrooms.

"This is excellent. It's like having another room at the back of the house. The garden looks like it has more features."